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Health and Safety Management System-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Health and Safety Management System in Empower Company. Answer: Introduction Name and location of the company The name of the company is Empower Company established in Dubai with an aim to provide cooling services to the people of Dubai. EMPOWER means Emirates Central Cooling System came in the year 2003. Its main purpose is to provide efficient utilization of energy resources using district cooling process (Kuppuswamy et al., 2017). Its target is promoting sustainable use of energy resources by inculcating cost effective, nature friendly, reliability cooling services in district level. This creates large customer satisfaction and more demands for the product in turn encourages for more green business. Due to growth in profit creates growth in long-term investments in share market. Aim and purpose Aim of this company is to be at the top position in providing cooling services at district level. Using sustainable business and creating efficiency in the technology and work culture creates a strong impact on the growth and the productivity. In terms of output and profit, company enjoys greater achievement in the output due to customer satisfaction. If this continues, the company will achieve its target in terms of position and competition. Company background Empower organization is divided into four big heads and that are telecom services, industry services, information management services and power services. Empower is a limited industry came in 1998 in Finland and Helsinki. The largest share of growth came from energy sector. Finland is the largest energy distributor. Empower company set up as a joint venture between Dubai electricity and Water Authority. The company had successfully completed its ten years of its functions with addition to its stability and consistency in the growth sector. It achieved its target of being at the top position globally in terms of providing cooling services at district level (refer to appendix-1). With its constant improvement in the means of resources and technology, it had achieved its robust growth. The company focuses on modern means of sustainable business environment therefore due to these they always achieved customer satisfaction. A customer gets satisfaction only the products or services are customer friendly. Customer friendly include the demand and requirement of the customers with good quality resources at reasonable rates. Empower company maintain customer value and sentiments while providing services to the customers. Due to this, it is leading at top position in terms of market and economy (refer to appendix-4). Structure of the organization More than 44000 customers consist of more than half of the share in the UAE. Empower company includes 65000 employees by 2016, who perform their assigned roles and responsibilities in the organization. At district level, nearly one million refrigeration tons exists and the company provides the facilities using different landmark projects like Dubai international financial department, Dubai healthcare sector and business bay. In the year 2014, it acquired palm utilities that are considered second largest cooling service provider in terms of district level (refer to appendix-2). Line manager- A line manager is a type of organization head that looks after the entire business system. It looks after the workings and the functions of stakeholders. They perform various functions like recruiting, training, team building, analyzing the companys overall performance growth. With reference to Empower Company, the line manager includes the chief executive officer and the manager of the company (Hajro, Gibson Pudelko, 2017). Ahmed Bin Shafar, the chief executive officer looks after the overall functioning of the organization (refer to appendix-5). He is the founding member of the company, and completed 19 years of his experience in this work culture. As being the line manager, he gave strategic business ways and procedure and under his leadership led the company to top position in district cooling service provider. He is a speaker at number of events like American society of heating, refrigerating and air-conditioning engineers. He is a member at international district of energy ass ociation, therefore with his hard work achieved greater heights. With proper line of managing various roles and creating employees satisfaction, will create positive impact in the organization in terms of productivity and growth. Work-details Identifying the problem- A problem creates five questions of why, when, how, who and what. Why stands for the reason of the problem, how the occurrence of the problem is, when is the duration of the problem and, who is the reason behind the problem, and the last is what can be the solution to solve the problem. There are five stages of a problem in the organization. They are identifying, description, creation of various solutions, analysis of the best solution, and execution of the solution. First stage is to identify the problem, what is the problem. The next stage is to understand the problem in a detail. After knowing the problem in a descriptive way, the next stage is to create various solutions to solve the problem. The last stage is to choose the best solution and to implement that solution to solve the problem. In sum, these are the various stages of problem solving at work place (refer to appendix-7). With reference to this company, then the organization is supposed to provide the cooling services at district level. There are problems arising in cooling services and in order to solve the problems the first step in problem solving is to identify the problems. Here the problem is water is leaving from the fan coil thereby creating disseminating the temperature in terms of coldness, going back into normal warm temperature. This is the problem faced by the people of the locality. Figure 1 Heat Exchanger (Source: MarineInsight, 2017) Figure 2 Water Pipelines (Source: iStock, 2017) A water-pipeline will comprise of well-planned as well as designed water distribution network. The different kinds of water pipes will be including large diameter main pipes, which provide supply to different areas as well as smaller branch lines and small diameter pipes is situated in the individual buildings. The water pipes are ranging from giant mains of up to 3.65 m in diameter to small 12.7 mm in pipes that used for feeding individual building outlets. The materials used for constructing the water pipes will be including polyvinyl chloride, cast iron, copper as well as steel. In this type of problems, a good engineer can give the best solution to the problem. According to an engineer, solving problem requires five stages and that are materials collected, problem is stated, finding values , creating assumptions, schematic diagrams, mathematical calculations that includes equations and analysis, lastly, calculating the results and verifying whether it is applicable or not. Engineers always use scientific approach to solve the problems (refer to appendix -6). Heat transfer Transfer of heat from one source to another is heat transfer. It includes few merits while using heat transfer. They are affordability, efficiency, quality, inventory space and fill-ins are easier. Using printed sheets and price breaks, one can save more by using heat transfers. It encourages for more efficiency in case of heat transfer. Along with the back orders, it also completes the part of the order left. Printing done based on demand. Therefore, it leads to inventory space. Due to stable release of paper for efficient ink coverage along with the crisp lines that again creates a good quality while using transfer of heat. It encourages easy fill in due to ordering of price breaks as the orders can be fill in within seconds. It creates more savings and profit in heat transfer mechanism (refer to aappendix-3). Heat exchanger at cooling districts- District cooling system includes circulating liquid, thermal application, size of network that includes population coverage, building clusters of high density, industrial sectors, and residential areas of low density. District energy system is economic efficient in case of highly density populated city. There can be more use of advance technology and government regulations. It also encourages for more sustainability and environment friendly, as they tend to possess flexibility in terms cost effective, production of raw materials and modern means of technology. Potential enhancement in technology in order for the expansion of district energy cooling system requires large integrated thermal networks. This will create increase in the utilization of sustainable economic resources and efficiency in the near future that ultimately will lead to business success and sustainability. An organization to achieve long-term success, there must be team spirit for the respective tasks with their specialized work roles. Team building helps to complete work faster with less time. Proper allocation of division of task as per specializations creates more productivity and output. There must be good motivating leader who can handle the team in order to create confidence among employees. Proper team building will solve the problem more quickly and easily. There will be more number of creative solutions to the problem in a team, thereby selecting the best solutions out of the available alternatives in order to maintain the standards of the organization. Creating teamwork, doing work into teams creates less pressure of the work. In teamwork, there are chances of more work at less point in time. Teamwork creates positive impact to the organization, thus helps in building good reputation of the organization and helps in building good relation among employees. Working in teams also set the deadline targets to complete the assigned task. As an individual employee also, by finishing the work on time creates a good image of the employee at the work place. A good communication skill helps to solve various problems and issue at the work place. An employee should be well skilled and qualified for the required job designation, because an unskilled employee will create inefficiency in the work production which can influence in a negative way to the organization. To be an efficient employee and to build a good rapport at the organization, employee must be a good listener, punctual in the work and disciplined enough to maintain the professionalism. In case, if any problem arises, there must be some creative solutions to execute in order to solve the problem. The most important above all is to be a positive thinker because a positive mind always leads to success. Therefore, these are the certain key behaviors of an efficient employee. An organization while dealing with codes and regulations, cultural standards then with standard and legal work ethics, rules and regulations the organization maintains stability and sustainability in terms of growth and output. It maintains certain rules to create discipline in the organization. Societal responsibilities include the relationship with the society, means creating social welfare and giving social benefits creates a good environment and work culture. Diversify at work place involves division of different work as per the specialization. Good education qualification and correct job designation creates confidence and interest among the employees. The employee will be serious and dedicated enough towards the job. Environmental factor also influences largely the work culture. It relates to individual health, good environment creates hygiene and less health problems. Apart from this, there are few factors on relation between work place and environment like service quality, error count, output level, innovation factor, collaboration factor, and absents. Organization performances depend on the quality of the service and the work environment. The employee organization relationship largely determines the growth of the organization. If the employees service quality is poor and there is consistency in the absence from the organization, then it will have a negative impact on the work force. The production will decline due to poor service quality and as a result, there will decline in the overall output. The factors like innovation, more creation of innovative ideas and products will create more demand for the product in the market; thereby company achieves more profit leading to good growth in the output level. This factor also opens doors for more global trading with other countries leading to boost in collaborating factor. Therefore, these various factors of environment and work place can affect in either way to the entire organization system and output. In order to achieve maximum output, an organization needs to play important functions to achieve those set target. Those functions are decision-making, efficiency, leadership, team management, communication, better salaries and rewards for good work. There must be efficient use of resources, for that there must be availability of standardized and updated technology for good growth of company standards. Proper communication and friendly atmosphere encourages employees to work with more interest and efficiently. In an organization, what matters most is teamwork. When there is a team system, an organization tends to finish the given task faster in the simplest ways with less time. Different people possess different skills and attributes; therefore, a company gets various new ideas and innovative solutions because of team contribution. Teamwork influences largely in the creation of organization profit. Health and safety related to work experience Health and safety is one of the main factors in the work place. Therefore, good working condition depends on health and safety work environment. There can be problems either psychological or physiological in the previous work place. Physiological problems deal with the physical heath of an individual. Problems are not certain, therefore f an individual suffers from any kind physical health issue like stress. Organization should reduce the work pressure in order to cure stress. If the work is among teams then there will not any kind of work pressure on anyone. Psychological problems deals with the mental illness like depression. To provide a creative solution, an individual must consult the counselor in order to get out from the depression. Therefore, good health leads to less absents at work place and when there is less absents one tends to give more output in terms of production. There must be good and hygienic environment in order to maintain the growth rate of the company. Conclusion The report provides the detailed information on empower company of Dubai. It aims at providing cooling services at the district level. It discusses about the line of manager along with the organizational problems and team building spirit. The report gives the problem of the company and provides the solution in the case of an engineer. It also provided brief note on the health and work experience and the overall statement of analysis on the given company. References Hajro, A., Gibson, C. B., Pudelko, M. (2017). Knowledge exchange processes in multicultural teams: Linking organizational diversity climates to teams effectiveness.Academy of Management Journal,60(1), 345-372. Kuppuswamy, N., Saminathan, V., Udhayakumar, M., Vigneash, L., Gopalakrishnan, P. (2017) The Role of Motivation on Employee Performance in an Organization

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