Monday, February 24, 2020

Nursing practicum project Annotated Bibliography

Nursing practicum project - Annotated Bibliography Example The author referred to the universal precautions as a number of protocols that are use in handling the fluids in the body in a proper way. Such fluids may include saliva, blood, vomit, and urine. The author describes the body isolation substance as alternative and acceptable procedures towards the universal precautions. These procedures may differ in handling the substances and body fluids. In this case, the author suggest that the universal precautions may include avoiding punctures, hand washing, using the containers having the plastic liners for disposal of the contaminated tissues, use of gloves to handle the body fluids, and having some specific containers to dispose the sharp and contaminated objects. The author also suggests that cleaning the surfaces using disinfectant may also be a precaution towards the blood-borne pathogens. The author reports on the problems of one small one hundred and ten hospital community in giving the infusion therapy to various patients. The patients had experienced a short peripheral catheter. The author reported that the midline catheter responded to the needs. The author advanced the literature and found that among the four samples published presentations, only one had a similar outcome. The author examined the patient management. The publication discussed the implementation of a midline program of infusion together with the implementation of the infusion midline program and the result. The author reviews those practices of 136 nurses and the sizes of syringe used in accessing the implemented devices of vascular access. The presentation argued that the syringe size selection was as per the procedures and policies, personal preferences, and not on the recommendations of the manufacturer’s. A significant number of nurses in the stud had the knowledge that the small syringes gave out a high percentage in terms of the personal preference. The study did not know the

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