Thursday, March 12, 2020

Bilingual education essays

Bilingual education essays Bilingual Education: Not The Wisest Choice Bilingual Education has been a much-debated topic for the past few years. Some believe that bilingual education is used as a helpful tactic to learn how to grasp the English language faster. Others believe that bilingual education does not help people learn English faster, but prohibits them from moving forward by keeping them at a lower level when it comes to education. Advocates for bilingual education argue that not only does bilingual education help introduce English to students, but at the same time it should be a tool used in order to preserve culture and promote assimilation to the country. I do not believe that bilingual education is the most effective way to achieve the goals of assimilation and success in America. I believe that it is important to know a variety of languages for peoples own personal cultural preservation. Among other things, being bilingual can be beneficial for the future, since people would be able to communicate with a variety of cultures. I mere ly do not believe that bilingual education is the right way to strive for these objectives. Bilingual Education costs too much money and time. There is no possible way to reach out to every single culture in America to offer them bilingual education. How will schools decide who gets bilingual education and who doesnt? There will obviously be groups that will be left out of because of reasons like there not being enough people that speak that particular language. How will we provide education for them? Or will they be left out in the dust? This brings up an issue of segregation. Over the past century, America has struggled to eliminate the need for segregated schools. The only way to accommodate the many cultures that exist in American schools would be to separate them, or categorize them. This presents more problems than solutions. For many years, children were forced to attend s...

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